Our Top 10

Why choose RFP over the big guys?

Here is our Top 10 List:

10. We're boutique!

That means personalized, one-on-one service you won't find at the big corporations.

9. We're connected!

The combination of our positive industry relationships, robust network and proprietary software creates amazing insider access into the best properties.

8. We're unbiased!

We have no quotas to fill! We are not a brand-specific global sales office or a hotel representation firm, so we recommend only what's best for you.

7. We're understanding!

We know the pressures meeting professionals are under to get the event right, and our #1 goal is to make you look good!

6. We're savvy!

Each of us has years of experience working in the industry, so we know how to talk with hoteliers to get the very best deals.

5. We're transparent!

Since we're compensated by the hotels, our services are at no cost to you.

4. We're efficient!

We save you time by doing all the groundwork and research exclusively on your behalf.

3. We're creative!

We know how to problem-solve and come up with solutions for just about anything that might pop up in the planning process.

2. We're sticklers for detail.

We are your advocate through contract negotiation, asking the tough questions to ensure your interests are protected.

And the #1 reason why you should choose RFP…

1. We CARE!

We know that we have to prove ourselves 100% every time we help you with your meeting, and we will go the distance to earn your trust (and your repeat business)!

A True Story

Ari was helping a client with site selection in Hawai‘i, and they'd narrowed it down to two resorts: one big and showy with the finest of everything; the other equally attractive, but a bit smaller and more laid-back.

The client was leaning toward the big resort, wanting to impress his CEO and attendees with flash and glamour. It looked good on paper, but Ari wasn't comfortable—during a chat with the sales manager, he sensed some information was being withheld. Sure enough, after some digging he discovered a large automotive company was booked for a conference with dates that overlapped his client's. That meant not only a full house, but a big drop in the service quality and attention that his client deserved.

Ari shared the info with his client and recommended they go with the smaller venue. It turned out to be the best meeting his client had ever implemented, and the attendees—and CEO—raved about the intimate space, amazing service and peaceful environment!

And the moral is…

it pays to have someone caring and knowledgeable looking out for your best interests every step of the way!

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