Message from the President

At RFP, you’re not just working with us, but with all the relationships we’ve fostered over the course of our careers! Using our network and personal experience is invaluable in the hotel sourcing process: to cross-qualify with meeting professionals about their experience with the property. You can’t get it all from a site inspection, and you certainly can’t get it from a website.

Here’s one scenario: You love a site, and together we’ve determined it would be ideal for your program. What if the hotel turns down the request? With RFP working for you, we don’t just shrug our shoulders and go on down the list. We dig deeper with the hotel to find out what’s going on and to sell them on the value of your program, until they are eager for your business!

When you’re putting yourself on the line to plan an important meeting, you need to know that someone with experience has your back, someone who knows the players and can ask the right questions to push the limits of what your money can buy.

— Ari Shapiro, RFP Founder, President, Consultant

Reliable Facility Placement