Our people are your people

We know the industry, and you know us!

At RFP, you are working with people who have years of relationships and experience with hoteliers, suppliers and meeting professionals. Our backgrounds mean that we understand the industry on both sides of the desk. To know us is to love working with us!

We invite you to get to know us personally…

Ari Shapiro
Favorite part of the job:
Finding that perfect match for my client—every time!

Meet Ari

Ari Shapiro, RFP Founder, President, Consultant

When Ari founded RFP in 2000, he took the business of hotel sourcing and contract negotiation to a new level: rather than a chore driven by volume and profit, he developed a person-focused network that thrives as a direct result of relationship building and creative problem solving. And when it comes to the negotiation process, Ari knows that a proven track record and history of integrity can make all the difference on behalf of your client. That's why instead of setting up shop with hundreds of unknown employees, he recruits only industry professionals he's worked with personally and trusts to be caring, insightful, ethical experts in the field.

Ari says: "In a world where everything is increasingly automated, attention to detail can often fall by the wayside. But at RFP, there is a level of passion involved. There's a process and a charge that takes place to make incredible meetings happen, and it starts with taking the time to truly understand our clients and their needs. That caring creates a relationship based on trust and a mutual commitment to their success. Meeting planners come to us because they know they can trust our taste, trust our ability and trust our dedication to finding them the perfect match!"

Cody Short
Favorite part of the job:
Working as my clients' right hand!

Meet Cody

Cody Short, Vice President of Sales

You name it: in hospitality, Cody has done it all. A former director of sales for premier hotels, he understands the high pressure put on hotel reps to sell their property—and that's why he loves representing you! As an independent consultant, his #1 goal is to find you the best possible site for your event, and then work with you all the way through the process from start to finish.

Cody says: "It's a different perspective on meeting planning because the client and I are a team. You share everything you're thinking, I share what I'm thinking, and we build a strong rapport year after year so I can anticipate your needs and make your experience even more pleasant and easy!"

Mark Feldman
Favorite part of the job:
Once you do business with someone, you become a friend!

Meet Mark

Mark Feldman, Account Director

In his 20-plus years of resort meeting experience, Mark Feldman has served in group sales including the venerable Pebble Beach Resorts, The Grand Del Mar, The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Grand Wailea and Carmel Valley Ranch—managing a large volume of profitable business with an eye always on customer satisfaction. Now he is turning that focus on you, the meeting professional, with the absolute commitment to get you the very best deal, ensuring that you have a good experience and are eager to return.

Mark says: "It all starts with a real conversation, because that's where a lot of clients' needs come out organically. Having a true understanding of those needs is the kind of thing that can never be commoditized—it just takes one-on-one focus, and that's what we're all about!"

Sara Estervig
Favorite part of the job:
Making sure my clients are thrilled!

Meet Sara

Sara Estervig, National Account Manager

Sara's years of experience in hospitality sales (catering, business travel, group and national sales) give her insight into all aspects of the business—insight she uses to help meeting professionals get the best deals and save money!

Sara says: "Because I worked in-house for so long, I'm able to negotiate and navigate the hotels with ease. I can talk the same lingo and help meeting planners and hoteliers understand each other during negotiations. This is a relationship business, so my clients put a lot of trust in me and I work very hard to earn that trust!"

Demetra Pavlidis
Favorite part of the job:
Helping clients get the most out of their dollar in this tight economy!

Meet Demetra

Demetra Pavlidis, National Account Manager

A former meeting planner herself for more than 15 years, Demetra brings a valuable perspective to the table. Her background gives her an understanding of all the complexities of meetings—from small to large, corporation to association—and how to work with hotels on budgets, logistics and contracts to create the best possible event.

Demetra says: "I've been a planner, I've been the client, so I can really sympathize with what our clients are trying to do. Planners are smart; it's not that they can't do what we're doing; it's that they don't have the time to spend on it because they're wearing lots of different hats! RFP is a support system; we can really step in and help our clients through the process."

Pat Moore
Favorite part of the job:
I love to work collaboratively, creatively and passionately.

Meet Pat

Pat Moore, Accounts Director, Events Manager

Pat Moore had been a Corporate Sr. Meeting & Event Planner for Mattel, Inc. for 22 years. She was responsible for planning and executing logistics for company meetings, conferences, Incentive trips, events and trade shows. She handled site selections, contract negotiations, budgets, and every detail of the meetings and events.

Pat received her CMP in 2003 and has been an active Member of MPISCC since 2000. She served on the Board as Director of Publications for two terms and over the past 9 years has served on various committees including the Annual Tradeshow and Fundraising Committees. Pat also sat on the Advisory Committee for the West Los Angeles College of Tourism, Travel & Hospitality Department for several years.

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