RFP is dedicated to you—the meeting professional.

We are a Hawaii-based hotel-sourcing firm with regional offices in California, Arizona, Washington and New York. Since 2000, we've been building relationships worldwide to bring you the personalized, experienced support you deserve from a high service boutique company—not a departmentalized site search corporation or automated search engine website.

Our Goal

In a constantly changing world filled with overwhelming options, deadlines and obstacles, we want to be your trusted source for help, providing creative solutions that deliver the concessions, terms and value that make the difference between a good program and an outstanding program.


"At RFP, we know it's about more than just fulfilling criteria; it takes intelligent effort to find creative solutions, understand and leverage market analyses, in short to use every possible tool in our tool belt to make our clients look great and get great value for their dollar. We think you deserve to have your meeting in qualified, caring hands, so that nothing gets overlooked—and everything looks perfect!"
—Ari Shapiro, RFP President


Q. What does RFP do?

RFP works individually with meeting professionals to provide hotel and supplier options all over the world. We help you with every part of the hotel sourcing process, from site selection through contract negotiation. By analyzing our clients' needs—such as attendee demographics, budget, meeting space requirements, specific goals of the meeting, etc.—we provide you with customized options to ensure an amazing program!

Q. How do I get started working with RFP?

It's simple and easy! Start with a phone call (888-466-6968), an email or use the RFP submission tool on our website. Just let us know how we can help with your planning efforts—no contract or commitment required.

Q. What kind of technology does RFP use?

We manage all our meetings, suppliers, clients and communications using a proprietary web-based system developed by RFP. Strategic Application for Group Events (SAGE) helps us to maintain relationships in a network-based business. Our priority is always personal communication, which we believe is critical to success.

Q. How do I know I'm getting the best possible rates when I use RFP?

We start with market analysis to see where the best value for your dollar can be found. By leveraging the value of your business and ours, we are able to give hotel sales teams the ammunition they need to offer the best possible terms. During contract negotiations, our industry background means we understand the dialogue on both sides of the table—and our unbiased position means more options for you. Our goal is to get you the very best deal at the property of your choice!

Q. How is RFP compensated for its service?

No secrets here! We believe in total transparency! Other firms may call it a "marketing or placement fee." We call it a commission. We're able to offer our services at no cost to you because the hotels pay us a 10% commission on room revenue generated from your booking. We negotiate a competitive rate with the hotel, and in turn require the hotel to guarantee in contract that our commission in no way impacts the rates negotiated for our clients. Should a hotel not agree to these terms, we would let our clients know and offer to remove ourselves from the deal. We are proud of our history of integrity, especially in today's ultra-competitive marketplace!

Q. What is the benefit of working with a boutique company like RFP?

RFP has the resources and network of a large company, yet our nimble size allows us to move quickly and provide high quality, personalized and responsive service to each client. That means you'll never get passed off to various departments, but will always work with one person who knows and understands your needs. You'll receive prompt and helpful responses to your questions, freeing you to work on other aspects of your program.

Q. What is RFP's level of involvement?

Our level of involvement in the planning process is entirely up to you. RFP can serve as the main contact for site selection, proposal analysis, contract negotiation and site inspection preparation—or we can simply be one point of contact for sourcing all possible venues. There is no charge, commitment or contract in order for us to help you!

Q. What types of clients does RFP work with?

We work with a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations; trade associations to small businesses; institutions to private functions. We excel at maximizing value for any program, any budget! Our only requirement is that the program consists of at least 10 rooms per night.

Q. What hotels does RFP work with?

RFP is not affiliated with any individual properties or brands, which allows us to work with any property or supplier in the world. With your program in mind, we research the preferred countries and regions to find hotel options that are the best fit for your budget, attendees and function space requirements.

Our goal is always to make you look good!

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